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Croatia is a wonderful country, full of life, natural beauty, and lovely towns. It’s also ideal for an unforgettable roadtrip! If you choose to explore Croatia by car, you will have a chance to see the landscape changing several times as you drive further to the south (or from south to north). You’ll also have a chance to visit somewhat unusual destinations and places by the road (we do have some great recommendations on this matter!).

Croatia has good, safe roads and great infrastructure with one of the highest quality motorway networks in Europe. In just several hours, you can get from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, from Split to Pula, hop on a ferry and get to one of the many islands… the options are numerous! If you are the type of person who likes to drive and considers the route as important as the destination, you can also choose to take the state roads. This choice will extend your travel time to the final destination, but the landscapes and sights you’ll encounter on the way are really worth it!

If you are interested in exploring Croatia by car, read the text below. We have gathered all the important information on how / when / what to do when renting a car in Croatia, to enjoy the best of the country, without trouble!

First things first – should you rent a car in Croatia?

If you enjoy driving, the answer is YES! Exploring an unknown country on your own is challenging, requires planning and support from those who know the destination (and for that you can count on us!), but it can also be an incredible experience. Traveling in Croatia with a rental car is completely safe, and it is certainly worth it, considering the freedom and opportunities that this style of travel offers.

What do you need to rent a car in Croatia?

To rent a car in Croatia you need to be at least 22 years old, possess a valid driver’s license (your home country license will do, or you can issue an international driver’s license), and you’ll need an international credit card to make a security deposit (and the available funds on the card!).

When to book a car rental in Croatia?

If you already have a personalized itinerary (if you don’t, just contact us! 😉 ) and know the dates, book as soon as possible to avoid high prices and reduced offer. This happens mainly in the summer (June, July, August), but as the months of May, September and October are also part of the tourist season in the country, it is best to book it as soon as you decide on your itinerary. When booking in advance, you’ll have a chance to explore the options and choose the car model and size that best suits your needs.

Attention, during the high season, last-minute rentals are mission impossible. Do not try your luck to rent a car upon your arrival in Croatia, because you might be left empty-handed.

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What is the procedure and how much will it cost?

If you decide to rent a car, close the trip or a personalized itinerary with us, you don’t have to worry about the research, contracts, high prices, or any trouble the car rental may cause in different places around the world. We will help you and guide you by creating a perfect itinerary according to your wishes and needs, saving your time and money!

The cost of car rental in Croatia depends on the car model and the month/season.

When renting a car, you need to take a security deposit into the account. It is part of the mandatory procedure, a matter of precaution. The car rental company will have to pre-authorize your credit card for a security deposit (international credit card necessary!), in case of any damage that may occur while using a car (outside the contracted insurance). This money will be refunded after the company is done checking the vehicle, upon returning the car To avoid any unpleasant experiences, make sure to check the vehicle by yourself before taking it and report any damage you may find to the service provider.

Extra costs:

one-way rental – A fee is charged if you want to pick up your vehicle at one location and drop it off at another. This is applicable when you decide on the linear tour. For example, if the car pick-up is in Zagreb and drop-off is in Dubrovnik. In this case, you’ll have to pay an extra fee for the cost of car transportation.

car pick-up and drop-off out of the office hours – Some rental companies charge an extra fee for services provided out of the working hours. Make sure to check your schedule and agree on the conditions in advance.

extra driver – Usually only one person is registered as a driver when the car is picked up. This is very important because if there is any problem or accident and it is not the registered driver who was driving during the unforeseen, the insurance will not cover the damage. Therefore, there is always the option to register an additional driver, for an extra cost.

fuel – Make sure to refill the fuel tank before dropping off the rented vehicle. You are obliged to return it in the same condition as you picked it up, and this means with the full tank.

toll costs – If using the motorway, you’ll have to pay a toll which applies to the distance you’ll be making. For more information on toll costs, visit the official site of Croatian Motorways.

cross the border fee – Depending on the countries you are planning on visiting, always check with your rental company for any extra charges. A good thing to know is that cars come with a green card that allows you to enter other EU countries.

ferry fee – If you are planning on visiting the islands during your stay, an extra fee is charged in agreement with your rental company for taking the car to a ferry. But bear in mind that ferry tickets are at your own expense.

automatic car fee – Since automatic cars are not as popular in Croatia as in some other countries, the automatic car offer is reduced and so the prices are a bit higher than for renting a manual car.

GPS rental/baby seat – On the client’s request, it is possible to add a GPS, baby seat, or other available additions for an extra fee.

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What should you know before taking off on your adventure?

Speed limits:

– Maximum allowed speed in populated areas is 50km/h
– Maximum allowed speed on motorways is 120 km/h
– Maximum allowed speed on other roads is 90 km/h

Traffic law restrictions:

– Maximum allowed amount of alcohol in your blood is 0,05%
– Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers
– Lights turned on during the day are mandatory in winter daylight saving time
– Children under the age of 5 are obligated to use a child car seat

Fines for speeding and driving under influence of alcohol or drugs go up to 15.000 HRK (2.000 EUR)!

Want to explore Croatia by car? Just get in touch with us!

We will make you a personalized itinerary, according to your wishes, interests, and needs.
Leave the planning and the other unnecessary trouble with us and just enjoy your trip, with the 24/7 support.

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