Sailing in Croatia

Ever dreamed of sailing? The time has come to make this dream a reality!
Aerial view of sailing boat



The itinerary options are numerous.
After all, Croatia has more than thousand
islands, as well as many beautiful cities
on the coast! You can combine days
of sailing with days of sightseeing
on the coast and make the
most of your vacation.



A woman sitting on the roof of the boat



There are several options for you to
choose from. Whether it will be a sailing
boat, catamaran or motor yacht – it’s all
up to you! You can also choose a more
exclusive trip, for couples, or bring
along friends and family to explore
Croatia with you.



A family of 4 enjoying their time on a boat



Ever thought of staying on a 
boat, rather than booking an
ordinary hotel room? Waking up every
morning in a different bay, with a
view of the sea? Marzito can
make your dream come true!



A couple on the boat

All the boat tours are private and
personalized. We elaborate your trip
according to your needs
and wishes.

Sailing boat on the sea in sunset




Check out our tour suggestions
below, contact us and
book your trip!




Sailing tour from Split or Trogir:

Day 1 – Split/Trogir – Vis
Day 2 – Vis – Vela Luka
Day 3 – Vela Luka – Lastovo
Day 4 – Lastovo – Korčula
Day 5 – Korčula – Hvar
Day 6 – Hvar – Milna
Day 7 – Milna – Split/Trogir
Day 8 – Check out

Sailing tour from Dubrovnik:

Day 1 – Dubrovnik – Kobaš
Day 2 – Kobaš – Mljet
Day 3 – Mljet – Korčula
Day 4 – Korčula – Lastovo
Day 5 – Lastovo – Polače
Day 6 – Polače – Šipan
Day 7 – Šipan – Dubrovnik
Day 8 – Check out

Sailing tour from Split to Dubrovnik:

Day 1 – Split – Hvar
Day 2 – Hvar – Vela Luka
Day 3 – Vela Luka – Lastovo
Day 4 – Lastovo – Korčula
Day 5 – Korčula – Mljet
Day 6 – Mljet – Kobaš
Day 7 – Kobaš – Dubrovnik
Day 8 – Check out

First time sailing?

We bring you everything you need to know before booking a boat!

Tips when sailing for the first time:

  • Boat should to be booked well in advance, we recommend 6 to 3 months. The sooner you book the boat, the better the chances of getting the best boats at the best prices. It is the law of supply and demand. 😉 
  • During the high season (from June to September), the boat is usually booked for a period of one week, from Saturday to Saturday. In the low season (April, May, October, November), it is possible to book a boat for a period shorter than 7 days.
  • The check-in is possible on Saturday afternoon and check out must be done on Saturday morning, leaving enough time for the boat to be cleaned and prepared for the next passengers.
  • The boat can only be navigated by a licensed skipper. If you don’t own a skipper license, you need to book a skipper, as well. The skipper will meet you in the marina on Saturday, at the agreed time. He boards the boat with you and stays with you the entire time as a part of your crew. This means that the skipper needs to have his own cabin and you need to count him in when planning your meals.

Price of the boat:

  • The price depends on the boat type, charter, length, year of the production.
  • When booking a boat there are some extra costs you need to take into consideration. Some of the extra costs are obligatory and add up to the price and some of them are available on a request.

Obligatory extras:

Transit log is the amount that charters charge for end cleaning, bed linen, towels, a diving inspection of the boat, mooring in starting marina, port fees, etc. The amount depends on boat length and charter, usually, it is from 150 to 250 EUR per booking.

You will take over a boat with a full fuel tank and you need to return it full. That is, you need to refuel it before checking out. Fuel consumption depends on your needs, weather conditions, sailboat length. The usual fuel consumption on a sailboat is from 5 to 10 liters per hour.

Mooring fee is a fee you pay when staying in a marina for the night. It depends on the boat length, a period of stay (high/low season), as well as on a marina. Prices are from 60 to 200 EUR per day and the amount is paid on the spot.

Tourist tax is paid in cash when checking in. The amount depends on the base, usually around 1,40 EUR per person/day.

When taking over a boat, you need to leave a security deposit. It depends on boat length, the value of the boat, year of production, and charter, and it ranges from 1000 to 3000 EUR. The security deposit is fully refundable, the amount is not charged if no damage is made on the boat.

Extra costs (if not already included in the boat price) may also include:

DINGHY AND OUTBOARD ENGINE – a small boat used to haul people and gear back and forth to a larger boat
SAFETY NET – recommended when traveling with children or pets
EQUIPMENT like SUP, extra sails, etc.

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