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Ever dreamed of sailing? The time has come to make this dream a reality!
Aerial view of sailing boat



The itinerary options are numerous.
After all, Croatia has more than thousand
islands, as well as many beautiful cities
on the coast! You can combine days
of sailing with days of sightseeing
on the coast and make the
most of your vacation.



A woman sitting on the roof of the boat



There are several options for you to
choose from. Whether it will be a sailing
boat, catamaran or motor yacht – it’s all
up to you! You can also choose a more
exclusive trip, for couples, or bring
along friends and family to explore
Croatia with you.



A family of 4 enjoying their time on a boat



Ever thought of staying on a 
boat, rather than booking an
ordinary hotel room? Waking up every
morning in a different bay, with a
view of the sea? Marzito can
make your dream come true!



A couple on the boat

All the boat tours are private and
personalized. We elaborate your trip
according to your needs
and wishes.

Sailing boat on the sea in sunset




Check out our tour suggestions
below, contact us and
book your trip!




Sailing tour from Split or Trogir:

Day 1 – Split/Trogir – Vis
Day 2 – Vis – Vela Luka
Day 3 – Vela Luka – Lastovo
Day 4 – Lastovo – Korčula
Day 5 – Korčula – Hvar
Day 6 – Hvar – Milna
Day 7 – Milna – Split/Trogir
Day 8 – Check out

Sailing tour from Dubrovnik:

Day 1 – Dubrovnik – Kobaš
Day 2 – Kobaš – Mljet
Day 3 – Mljet – Korčula
Day 4 – Korčula – Lastovo
Day 5 – Lastovo – Polače
Day 6 – Polače – Šipan
Day 7 – Šipan – Dubrovnik
Day 8 – Check out

Sailing tour from Split to Dubrovnik:

Day 1 – Split – Hvar
Day 2 – Hvar – Vela Luka
Day 3 – Vela Luka – Lastovo
Day 4 – Lastovo – Korčula
Day 5 – Korčula – Mljet
Day 6 – Mljet – Kobaš
Day 7 – Kobaš – Dubrovnik
Day 8 – Check out

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