Postojna Cave

The magical underground world

The main attraction and a must-see in Slovenia is the incredible Postojna Cave. This magnificent underground world, discovered 200 years ago, is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Europe. With 24 km of passages and halls, Postojna Cave is a rare example of karst formations. Come and explore the magical world hidden beneath the surface!

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Why visit Postojna Cave Park?

Postojna Cave is the largest show cave in Europe. It is located in the town of Postojna, in the Karst region, southwestern Slovenia. The cave is opened for visitors since 1818, and until this day it had nearly 40 million visitors! The Postojna Cave itself offers a 90-minute tour in the length of 5km. The tour includes a 3,5km long train ride and 1,5km long walking part. The Postojna Cave railway was the first railway ever to be opened in an underground cave!

The cave is also a place where you will see some of the finest examples of the karst formations. Stalagmites and stalactites are present in vast number, in all kind of forms and sizes. Another important value of this place is its fauna. The cave is a home to many endemic species. For example, the most famous of its residents is the olm, a.k.a. “baby dragon”.

But that is not all! The Postojna Cave Park includes a few more caves and exhibitions, an old mill, two castles, several restaurants, and a hotel! There is also a river and plenty of green area around the park, so it is a whole package deal for you and your company!

years since the discovery

km of halls and passages

km long cave tour

meters deep

Where is Postojna Cave?

Postojna Cave is located in southwestern Slovenia, about 50km from Ljubljana, the country’s capital. 

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What to see in Postojna Cave Park

Postojna Cave

For more than 200 years, Postojna Cave has been opened for public. It might not be the longest cave in Slovenia, but it sure is the most beautiful and the most famous one! Postojna Cave is actually a 24km long karst cave system, formed by the river Pivka millions of years ago. It is like a whole new world, only underground. It has its own mountains and rivers, vast halls and small passages, breathtaking cave formations, and the most interesting residents.

Some of the highlights of the cave are Brilliant – the five-meter-tall stalagmite called that because of its bright-white color; Skyscraper – the sixteen-meter-tall stalagmite, which is also the oldest one you will see; and the Calvary – a vast subterranean hall with a volume of more than 168 thousand cubic meters!

Big white stalagmite
Cave formations known as stalagmites
Cave formations known as stalactites


The Vivarium is located next to the cave and it consists of two parts – the research laboratory and the speleobiological exhibition unit. The exhibition offers a further insight into speleobiology and subterranean natural environment. Therefore, it presents the animal species that can be found in the Postojna Cave.
Among the 150 typical cave residents, the most significant one is the olm. This strange-looking animal is endemic to the underground waters of European karst region, which means it only lives in caves. Olm is blind and completely adapted to life in the dark. Because of its skin color, it is also called the “human fish”. It has a lifespan of one hundred years and can go without food for up to 10 years!

Expo Postojna Cave Karst

The Expo Postojna Cave Karst is a permanent exhibition held in a separate building in the Postojna Cave Park. The Expo was opened in 2014 and it is the largest exhibition about the cave and karst phenomena in the world. The exhibition is intended for those who are interested in getting a deeper insight into the underground world. Here you can learn all about the karst formations, as well as the history of the cave. The exhibition is guided and interactive, which makes it suitable for both children and adults.

The interior of the Postojna Cave with passages and stairs

Modrijan Homestead

The Modrijan Homestead lies on the Pivka river, inside the Park area. The homestead houses a mill, a residential building, and a restaurant. The Modrijan Mill has been turning its wheels for 500 years now, and it is free of charge for the Postojna Cave Park visitors. The mill also houses an occasional exhibition which tells a story of Karst region mills and the millers’ life.

Otok, Pivka, and Black Cave

The three caves are connected to the Postojna Cave along the subterranean river Pivka. Each one them is unique and beautiful – they are very much worth a visit, if you have enough time and if you are a true cave fan. The caves can be visited on the adventure tour, but the regular tour is also available for each one of them. A tour of the Pivka and Black Caves takes 1h30, while the tourist section of the Otok Cave takes 45 minutes.

Wide space in the cave with stairs that connect two levels
A tunnel in the cave with stalactites hanging from above

Predjama Castle

The Predjama Castle is located a few kilometers from the Postojna Cave, and it ranks among the ten most fascinating castles in the world. What makes this medieval castle so unique is the fact that it was built in the middle of a 120-meter-high cliff! The castle even holds the Guinness World Record as the world’s largest cave castle.

The Predjama Castle is 800 years old and it hides a network of secret tunnels in the cliff, as well as the cave under the castle. The tour of the castle takes 60 minutes and the audio guide is available in 17 different languages. On the tour, you will be walking through the castle’s armory, chapel, kitchen, torture chamber, and attic. And you will also see a rich collection of medieval weapons and armors!

Cave under Predjama Castle

The cave under Predjama Castle is the second longest Slovenian cave, spreading over four floors, with a total length of 14 kilometers! The tourist section is only 700m long and it can be visited as part of the Castle tour. If you are interested in exploring more of it, you can take up an adventure tour and see all the hidden parts of the cave. But, bear in mind that the cave is closed for visitors during the winter, due to the bats‘ hibernation period.

Medieval castle built in the mountain

Visit Postojna Cave with a private guide

If you want to visit Postojna Cave, get in touch and book a day trip with a private escort guide in english or other language!

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All you need to know before your visit

Postojna Cave regular tour

The regular tour of Postojna Cave lasts 90 minutes and it allows you to explore 5 km of the cave passages. It includes a train ride (3,5km) and another 1,5km of walking. Each tour is guided, with guides available for Slovenian, English, German and Italian language. There is also a possibility of getting an audio guide, which is available in 17 languages (Portuguese, Spanish and Russian, among the others).

Postojna Cave adventure tour

The adventure tour is a bit more challenging, so it is recommended for those who are in good physical shape or who are experienced cave lovers. The tour is available in several combinations, depending on which caves you wish to visit (Postojna, Otok, Pivka, and Black Cave), and it allows you to explore some parts of the caves that are not included in the regular tour. The tour is guided by an experienced guide and is intended for smaller groups of visitors.

A wooden bridge, river, and green area around it
Stone stairs leading to the entrance to the cave
A hand holding two tickets

Postojna Cave opening hours

Postojna Cave Park is open year-round. All 365 days – no exception! In high season (May-September) the tours are available every hour. In low season, however, you can take a tour at 10h, 12h, and 15h. But please note that prior ticket reservation is advisable, especially in high season months.

Postojna Cave tickets

Since Postojna Cave Park offers several attractions to their visitors, you can choose to visit Postojna Cave only, or take a package deal and add another unforgettable experience to your bucket list. Below you can find all the prices, as well as available package deals.

The prices are listed for the high season. In low season, the price of each ticket is a few euro lower. You can buy the tickets online or at the ticket office on the ground floor of Hotel Jama. So start planning your visit!

Single tickets

Postojna Cave = 27,90€
Predjama Castle = 14,90€
Vivarium = 10,90€
Expo = 10,90€

Package Deals

Postojna Cave + Predjama Castle = 38,50€
Postojna + Vivarium + Expo = 39,20€
Postojna Cave + Predjama Castle + Vivarium + Expo = 45,60€

Postojna Cave rules

In order to protect yourself and preserve the delicate cave ecosystem, there are some rules that every visitor has to follow:

  • ❌ Don’t touch
  • ❌ Don’t drop litter
  • ❌ Don’t use a flash when taking photos
  • ❌ Don’t walk outside the marked paths
  • ❌ Don’t try to stand up or get off during the train ride
  • ❌ Don’t smoke
  • ❌ Don’t bring in any food

Marzito Tip

Due to its constant temperature of 10°C, it is recommended to wear suitable clothes and shoes when visiting the Postojna Cave – something warm and comfortable.

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How to get to Postojna Cave

Since Slovenia is a small country, you can easily get from one place to another in just an hour or two. You can get to Postojna by car, train, bus or organized transfer. Also, the closest airport is the one in Ljubljana (Jože Pučnik Airport).

If you’re arriving by bus or train, check out the links below for the detailed bus and train schedules and plan your trip!
Ljubljana main bus station
Zagreb main bus station
Slovenian Railways

How to get to Postojna from Ljubljana

If you are arriving in Postojna from the capital, take the motorway A1/E70. Continue on E70 and take the exit Postojna/Rijeka/HR. Next, take a right turn for Postojna-Pivka and continue following the signs for Postojna Cave Park. The ride takes approximately 40 minutes.

How to get to Postojna from Bled

When heading from Bled towards Postojna, first take the motorway A2/E61. Follow A2/E61 and merge to A1/E70 following the signs for Trieste/Italy/Koper/Postojna/Rijeka. Continue on E70 and take the exit Postojna/Rijeka/HR. Next, take a right turn for Postojna-Pivka and continue following the signs for Postojna Cave Park. Altogether, it takes about 50 minutes to reach Postojna.

How to get to Postojna from Zagreb

If you are driving from Zagreb to Postojna, get on the motorway A2/E70 following the sign Ljubljana/Slovenija/Krapina. Continue on E70 and take the exit Postojna/Rijeka/HR. Next, take a right turn for Postojna-Pivka and continue following the signs for Postojna Cave Park. It will take you approximately 2 hours to get from Zagreb to Postojna (if there is no traffic at the border).  Don’t forget to pack your passport, as well!

Driving in Slovenia

If you are driving a personal vehicle, please note that by entering the country you need to buy a vignette that allows you an uninterrupted traffic flow within the borders of Slovenia. There are few types of vignettes available: 1-week vignette (15,00 EUR), 1-month vignette (30,00 EUR) and 1-year vignette (110,00 EUR). You can find out more here.

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Where to stay in Postojna

A terrace with chairs and tables and huge hotel building in the background

Hotel Jama ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hotel Jama is located in the Postojna Cave Park. It is a modern hotel that offers 80 rooms and top-of-the-line facilities. This hotel is a great option for those who plan to visit all the attractions in the park, as well as for those who are planning to stay a longer period of time in the Karst region. The hotel has a restaurant and a café. You can get more info on the link.

Parking lot in front of the green modern building

Rooms and apartments Proteus ⭐⭐⭐

If you prefer staying in the private accommodation, Proteus is a great choice for you! Located in the center of Postojna, it offers rooms and apartments, all equipped with a bathroom, Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Since there is a restaurant in the building, you can easily add breakfast, lunch or dinner to your service. Book your accommodation here.

Modern hotel building all in glass

Hotel Kras ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Located in the very center of Postojna, Hotel Kras offers you a stay in one of its 24 rooms and 3 suites. There is a breakfast included in the price of the room, and each room has a bathroom, Wi-Fi, TV, a minibar and an air conditioning. There is also a café on the site, as well as underground parking, where you can leave your vehicle while visiting the Postojna Cave. Follow the link for more.

Two white horses in a field in front of a big house

Lipizzaner Lodge

Lipizzaner Lodge is your home from home for exploring Green Slovenia. This unique international guest house has 8 rooms, including 2 large self-catering apartments and 2 suites. The Lodge offers hotel standard accommodation in the countryside, but so close to hundreds of Slovenia’s secret places to visit. Chill out in the café, cinema room, library or Finnish sauna. Relax on the terraces and watch the resident Lipizzaner horses graze. You can even walk directly to Predjama castle and the Postojna cave from here or borrow a bike! Check it out here.

Marzito Tip

During the summer, there is a shuttle bus at your disposal which will get you from Postojna Cave to Predjama Castle. It is a 20 minutes ride and it is free for all the visitors who have purchased a combined ticket for both attractions. Otherwise, you can take a taxi which will get you to the castle.

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Where to eat in Postojna

Jamski Dvorec

Located in the beautiful Jamski Dvorec mansion, this restaurant not only offers you a good meal, but also a dash of luxury. The restaurant serves traditional Slovenian cuisine, with some of the best local specialties. This includes meat, venison, and fish dishes. The restaurant also has a garden, where guests can enjoy during the summer.

Magdalena Food & Fun

Named after one of the caves in the Postojna Cave system, Magdalena Food&Fun is a beautifully decorated modern restaurant. The design is inspired by the interior of the cave, which gives this restaurant a unique and interesting look. The restaurant offers modern street food, such as burgers and craft beers.

Modrijan Homestead

Located by the river, Modrijan Homestead gives you an opportunity to enjoy a good meal in the open air. The restaurant is specialized in local cuisine, offering the best of local and homemade products. It also offers a big variety of grilled food. All this is accompanied by some tasty Slovenian wine or beer.

Restaurant Briljant

This self-service restaurant is located in the Hotel Jama. It offers a wide variety of food and drink options, such as pizza, barbecue, pasta, and traditional dishes. This restaurant is a perfect option for bigger groups since it has a pretty large capacity. It also has a terrace where you can enjoy your meal in the summer months.

Sausages on a grill
Plate full of goulash
Dumplings cut in half, with an apricot inside
Fried calamari served with a lemon slice
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What to visit near Postojna Cave

Stalactites hanging fron the ceiling of the cave

Škocjan Caves

The Škocjan Caves are another significant monument of the Classical Karst region. The caves were inscribed on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites in 1986. They are the creation of the Reka River, which makes them a unique natural phenomenon. You can explore the caves with a guide, or just take the unguided tour – free of charge, all year-round.


Štanjel is one of the oldest settlements in the Karst Region. It is a small picturesque village situated on a hill. The old fortified settlement is a home to the beautiful Štanjel Castle. Below the settlement, you can visit the Ferrari Garden, one of the most beautiful parks in Slovenia. Situated on a hill, the garden is composed of several terraces, with the Art Nouveau pool located on one of them.

Little stone bridge across the pond
A woman standing next to the white horse in the stable

Lipica Stud Farm

Just half an hour away from Postojna, there’s a little town of Lipica. If you are a horse lover, you should definitely pay a visit to Lipica stud farm. This farm is the oldest stud farm in Europe. For centuries the graceful Lipizzaner stallions take their first steps here.

Adriatic Coast

If you are planning on spending your summer holiday in Slovenia, check out the summer destinations such as Portorož or Piran. Both towns lie near the Adriatic coast and have everything you need for a perfect holiday-by-the-sea. To reach the Slovenian Riviera from Postojna, you will need less than an hour.

Panoramic view of the old town of Piran
River flowing under beautiful stone bridge


When staying in Postojna, don’t miss a chance to visit Ljubljana, country’s capital. It’s a 40 minutes drive, and it sure pays off. Ljubljana is one of the smallest European capitals and is famous for its bridges over the Ljubljanica River. It is also known as Europe’s Greenest Capital since it has many parks and other green areas.

Lake Bled

While in Slovenia, don’t miss a chance to visit Lake Bled, the most beautiful Slovenian lake. It is located only 1-hour drive from Postojna and is definitely worth a visit. Lake Bled is famous for its Castle and Church in the middle of the lake. The city of Bled is also a home of the original cream cake – Kremšnita.

Island with a church in the middle of the lake

Marzito day-trips

Marzito organizes day-trips or private transfers to Slovenia from Croatia or vice versa.

Here are a few day-trips we usually do with our clients:
Zagreb – Lake Bled – Ljubljana – Zagreb
Zagreb – Postojna Cave – Ljubljana – Zagreb
Zagreb – Ljubljana – Zagreb
Ljubljana – Lake Bled – Lake Bohinj – Ljubljana
Ljubljana – Postojna Cave – Ljubljana

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