Honeymoon in Slovenia

How do you imagine your perfect honeymoon? Romantic dinner in a castle by the lake, rides along the river, or maybe an adventurous cave experience? Look no further because Slovenia has it all!
Island with a church in the middle of the lake in sunset

Slovenia might be a small country, but it is full of love. With its romantic castles and lakes, rivers and caves, vineyards and beaches, the country offers a unique honeymoon experience. Come and experience SLOVEnia!

Medieval castle on the top of a cliff surrounded by trees

Romantic Bled

Imagine waking up with a view of a calm lake, taking a walk in nature, enjoying a boat ride, or having a romantic dinner for two in a restaurant overlooking the lake. That is exactly what Lake Bled has to offer. Bled is a nice little town located by the lake that welcomes newlyweds with arms and hearts wide open. Whether you come in summer or in winter, the lake and its surroundings have plenty of activities for you to choose from – from swimming in the lake to skiing in the mountains around it.

In Love In Ljubljana

Ljubljana is one of the most romantic capitals in Europe. It is a small town full of green areas which offer an ideal place for a romantic picnic. There’s also a river that flows through the city center which is perfect for a nice calm drive beneath the famous bridges of Ljubljana. More active couples can rent a bike and explore the riverfront and parks outside the city center. If we have not yet convinced you that Ljubljana is a perfect honeymoon destination, there’s also a castle on a hill above the town!

A boat passing the river with bridges in the back and lovely buildings on the both sides
People walking the trail in the cave park

Adventurous Honeymoon

Slovenia is a perfect destination for those who enjoy adrenaline and adventure. Adventurous and active couples will adore hiking around lake Bohinj, climbing Triglav mountain, and rafting in Soča Valley. There are plenty of caves and gorges that are waiting to be explored, too. For those who prefer combining adventures with a little bit of romance, we recommend visiting Vitgar Gorge and Postojna Cave Park. It’s the best Slovenia has to offer to nature lovers who are in love!

Honeymoon by the Sea

If you want a simple honeymoon by the sea, the Slovenian coast is a perfect match! There are four Slovenian towns located on the shore of the beautiful Adriatic Sea. It might not seem like a lot of options, but the four towns are nice, peaceful, and romantic enough for a fresh married couple. The two of you can enjoy your time together lying on the beach, swimming in the Adriatic Sea, having candlelight dinners by the sea, or exploring the hidden alleys od charming Mediterranean towns.

Panoramic view of a town on the coast with bell tower and colorful houses

If you cannot choose your favorite destination, get in touch and we’ll plan a perfect honeymoon getaway for you!

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