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Ever dreamed of exploring the unknown by yourself? Ever dreamed of a road trip in Europe? If the answer is YES, then you're at the right place!
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Have you always dreamed of driving in Europe? Croatia and Slovenia have wonderful, safe roads and great infrastructure. If your dream has always been to drive and enjoy the country’s landscapes, Fly & Drive is an ideal type of traveling for you!

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Let us take care of the
organization so that you can
enjoy your road trip without a 
care in the world.

What do we offer?

– organization of the trip
– assistance on arrival
– rent-a-car
– telephone support during your stay
– accommodation (optional)
– city tours (optional)
– excursions and boat tours (optional)

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Itinerary options are numerous and they depend on the place of your arrival (airport you fly to), the number of days you are planning to stay, and the season, as well.
For all the itinerary options, click here or tell us your ideas and plans and we will make it possible!

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Itinerary suggestions:

DAY 1 Arrival to Zagreb airport (car pick-up)
DAY 2 Zagreb – Plitvice Lakes – Zadar
DAY 3 Zadar – Split
DAY 4 Split – Dubrovnik
DAY 5 Dubrovnik
DAY 6 Departure from Dubrovnik airport (car drop-off)

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DAY 1 Arrival to Split airport (car pick-up)
DAY 2 Split (city tour)
DAY 3 Split – Plitvice Lakes – Split
DAY 4 Split – Mali Ston – Dubrovnik
DAY 5 Dubrovnik (city tour)
DAY 6 Dubrovnik – Split
DAY 7 Split – Zadar – Split
DAY 8 Departure from Split airport (car drop-off)

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DAY 1 Arrival to Dubrovnik (car pick-up)
DAY 2 Dubrovnik (city tour)
DAY 3 Dubrovnik – Mali Ston – Split
DAY 4 Split (city tour)
DAY 5  Split – Trogir – Zadar
DAY 6 Zadar (city tour)
DAY 7 Zadar – Plitvice Lakes – Zagreb
DAY 8 Zagreb – (city tour)
DAY 9 Zagreb – Ljubljana – Zagreb
DAY 10 Departure from Zagreb (car drop-off)

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