Lake Bled - The Slovenian Treasure

The city of Bled is located in Slovenia, only 200km by car from Zagreb. The small town is famous for its stunning natural beauty and the peculiar natural island in the center of Lake Bled.

Surrounded by the Alps, the city inspires romanticism. Besides the islet that lies in the middle of the lake. The city also has the oldest castle in the country, built in the eleventh century.

From Bled Castle you can have the most beautiful and unforgettable view of the lake. The castle sits on the top of a rock formation, more than 400feet above the lake. The castle, besides the museum, cafe, and restaurant, has super interesting exhibitions. The highlight for the wine cellar where it is possible to bottle your own wine in an artisan way.

Another interesting exhibition is the printing room. Where you can have a demonstration of manual printing, in a reconstruction of the Gutenberg wood press. There are several models and inscriptions for you to take home. And it is also possible to make yours, personalized.

To visit the natural island in the center of Lake Bled, board on the “pletna” the traditional wooden boats of the region. The ride to the island is very peaceful and lasts about 20minutes. On the island, you will have about 45 minutes to stroll, have an ice cream, explore, and take pictures.

Marzito Tip: If you want to visit the island be prepared. You have to climb the 100 steps to the top, but I guarantee it’s worth it!

Tradition tells us that the couples that wish to marry in the little church in the island, should do it in a special way. The groom had to carry the bride in his arms, climbing the 99 steps, both in silence. Arriving at the top he would ring the church bell and only then, the wedding ceremony could start.

Besides the natural beauties and the oldest castle in the country, Bled is also known as one of the most delicious desserts in the region: the Kremšnita! This dessert has a unique flavor and is made with vanilla cream cake, whipped cream, and puff pastry. Don’t miss the chance to try it!


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